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The Horror Review is now an archive only horror, science fiction and fantasy movie review website. I have decided to retire from reviewing movies for a while and plan on just reviewing books for a new site that I will launch sometime later this year. If you have an independent film looking to be reviewed I am still offering to check them out. Click Here for more information. There are many reason why I have decided to stop reviewing movies, some reasons I don't wish to discuss. As of recently I find myself enjoying reading horror more than watching it. will be launched sometime in the near future. So keep a look out for it.

Best to all,

- Horror Bob


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Horror Bob Endorsed Indie Horror Film Page Coming Soon.


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    Benjamin Kane Ethridge's Bottled Abyss (2012) Shane McKenzie's All You Can Eat (2012) Tim Curren's Puppet Graveyard (2012) Jeff Strand's '"A Bad Day For Voodoo" (2012) Kelli Owen's "Black Bubbles" (2012) John Everson's Night Where (2012) (2012) Ryan Harding's "Genital Grinder" (201)   Brian Keene's The Cage (2012)

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